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React Birthday Fun

Our React Birthday Fun is a different and magical way to celebrate your kid's birthday.

Suitable from 5 years old, we will have some fun games, aerial and ground skills as well as some time for cake.

Colorful Balloons

What to expect

In our Circus parties, the kids will be able to experience Aerial Silks and Hoop as well as some object manipulation. They will have 1.5h of warm up, circus instruction and free play on the apparatus and lots of fun!

30mins is reserved at the end for cake. During this last 30mins, the kids can still play around and enjoy the space.

Our birthday parties are suitable for ages 5 and over and the apparatus and games will be catered accordingly.


React Studio is located in Wairau Valley, North Shore.

Our studio is indoors and have 6 car parks available as well as street parking.

There is a table for snacks and cake, a microwave and a couch for the parents.

The space can be decorated, but after the party we ask that you take away any decorations and balloons.

If you are looking for a specific apparatus for your party, let us know so we can cater accordingly :)

Birthday Cake
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