We are back to "normal" as the country now is on Level 1.

We still will keep doing our online sign in for our normal Health & Safety guidelines, so if you have trouble with the QR code, click on the button below to sign in and out of the studio.

Anything from Silks to Hoop, Straps to Duo Trapeze. 

People all over the world are turning to circus as a new way to work out and stay fit or even just as a new hobby.

If you have any interest in learning aerial arts or getting fit in a fun and exciting way, join us.  


It's not about how strong you are, it's about how strong you can be!

Our classes have a max of 6 students, so booking is essential. You can book by clicking below.


2020 Term dates


Term 2 - 08/06 to 15/08 (10 weeks)

Term 3 - 24/08 to 26/09 (5 weeks)

Term 4 - 12/10 to 19/12 (10 weeks)


Term 2 2020.png

Term 2

Term 3

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What is Aerial?

Aerial is the circus art of hanging upside down and moving through the air on different apparatus such as silks, lyra, straps, trapeze and many others.


Do I need to be strong to start Aerial?

No. This is a common misconception. We start our classes working on your personal abilities, as you learn the technique you will start developing the strength necessary for the class. . In Aerial we use different muscles that most people won’t have worked with before,  we work on them with a lot of repetition this way you will be able to get strong in a healthy manner.


What does an Aerial Class Involves?

Our Aerial Classes are 1.5h with a max of 6 people. At beginner level we work on some flexibility abilities, shoulder strengthening and the basic techniques of Silks and Hoop/Lyra. As you develop and move up to Intermediate Level* we start working on Partnering on Hoop and Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Acro and Rope as well as Silks and Hoop.

Do you offer casual classes?

For your first class at the studio, we offer the first class as a casual one but after your first class we work on a term basis. 

Between our Terms, we have 2 weeks of Holiday classes (January, April, July and October. These are the only classes during the year that are sold individually, so its the perfect time to come and try any apparatus you have thought of :)

How do your classes run throughout the year?

We work by terms of 10 weeks but you can sign in at any time during the term. For your first class at the studio, we do it as a casual class so you can try and see if you like it before committing to the full term. 

If you like it and want to keep going, we can then book you in for the remainder of it.


What do I need to wear?

We advice wearing legging and a T-shirt, basically comfortable workout clothes. It is Important to have the back of your knees covered and it's preferable not to wear baggy pants or zippers as these get caught on the silks and hoops.


How do I book my first class?

Contact us through the website, on Facebook, by email at or by phone on 0275313260. We will be happy to answer your questions and book your first class! If you want to take a look at our availability, click here.


Where do I start from?

If you have never done Aerial before you will start from the beginning and we are here to help you with getting used to see the world upside down.

What is Open Training?

Open Training is a time where aerial and circus people can come to train without an instructor. Its a good time to train by yourself or meet other circus people and share some experiences. There will always be someone from the React team at the studio in case of need.

Can I come to Open Training?

For safety reasons you must be approved by a React Instructor to come to Open Training. If you are a React student come and talk to us and we can let you know if you are ready. If you are new to our Studio contact us so we can assess your level.


*If you have done Aerial Before or current want to know which level you are in, talk to us. We have a list of moves that defines the Intermediate Level.


Aerial hoop: The aerial hoop class will teach students different poses and transitions on this spinning apparatus. They will learn to wind and curl their body gracefully around the hoop, building an awareness of the hoop rotation. There is a strong focus on linking different moves together and building correct technique. This apparatus will help students develop strength, balance, and flexibility.

Aerial Classes​ - What are they all about?

Flexibility: Whether you can’t touch your toes, or you’ve been able to oversplit since you were twelve, our flexibility classes are designed to safely teach your muscles how to stretch and bend. A strong focus on active flexibility helps you transfer your newfound bendiness from the floor to aerial apparatus.

Aerial Silks: Aerial silks are a beautiful and challenging circus art using suspended fabric to perform poses, locks and dynamic movements. Twist, wrap and wind your way around the silks in our range of classes, focused on building correct technique while building your strength and knowledge from the ground up.


Acro balance: BYO partner. Our acro classes are focused on partner acrobatics, teaching the fundamentals of basing and flying. You will learn static and dynamic poses which will help develop strength, flexibility, body awareness and trust.

Double trapeze: BYO partner. Our double trapeze class teaches the fundamentals of partner trapeze from both a base and flyer view. Learn daring drops, beautiful shapes on this classic apparatus while developing your strength, body awareness… and trust.

Trapeze: Students will learn to hang, twist and drop on this versatile apparatus. Through static shapes and smooth transitions, this class focuses on building core technique while developing strength, balance and body awareness.

Straps: Our straps class focuses on developing the strength and correct body position to master this challenging apparatus.  Students will learn fundamental positions and movements alongside core drills and techniques, helping them gain strength, body awareness and flexibility. Minimum of 2 months of Aerial experience needed.

Strength & Conditioning: Get circus fit. Finding your regular classes hard? Looking to gain the body of a Cirque du Soleil artist? Or maybe you just love to sweat. Whatever the reason, our conditioning classes are a mega workout, focusing on building strength while using fundamental circus movements. This class is an excellent way to take your training to the next level.


Studio Update on COVID-19


Updated 11/05/2020

React will be reopening its doors on May 18th. We will be working within the Government guidelines and with it it will come little changes. It is important that all of us are aware of the changes so we can, together, keep React a safe place for all of us.

If you haven't received our Newsletter with the information, click here to read the details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, email us and we hope we can answer them :)

We are looking forwards to seeing you all very soon!


The React Team


Updated 29/04/2020

React won't be opening until Level 2. That means that our Term 2 will be pushed back.

We are keeping our Social Media Chanels updated as well as the website.

As soon as we have more information about the opening time, we will be emailing all our current students (signed in for Term 1 and 2) with the details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, email us and we hope we can answer them :).

Stay safe!

We hope to see you all soon for some hanging upside dow.


The React Team.


Updated 23/03/2020

We at React want to make sure that, in the middle of the pandemic, the studio is a safe place for us all.

Hello lovely React Studio family,


Following in line with the governments announcement to rise the alert level to level 3, it means all public venues should close for a period not less than 4 weeks.

So as of immediately, Monday 23rd, we will close the studio doors.

All currently paid classes will be put on hold. We will take this time to set up a plan to make sure you all can make up classes that you missed and will miss due to COVID-19.


We want to thank you for your support and understanding, as we are all experiencing this together.


We will be in contact before the 4 week period ends to convey our plan to get back to circusing as soon as is safe to do so. We will also keep our FB, Insta & Website updated with any changes.


Take care everyone.



The React Studio team.


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