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If you are looking for something different to do with your friends, for a hens party, for your team day out or for any occasion, circus skills are a great option!

We offer a great selection of circus skills for different occasions, hosted at our studio in Wairau Valley, North Shore.

Choose between our 1h and 2-hour sessions or design your own bespoke workshop.

We can accommodate groups of between 6 - 30 people.

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Private Class

1h long (max of 3 ppl)

We offer Private and semi-private lessons on different circus skills. 


Silks, Hoop, Hammock, Straps, Trapeze, Handstand, Flexibility & Contortion, Double Trapeze, Aerial Rope and Conditioning.


We will work with your goals and plan the class tailored to what you want to achieve. Do you have a friend or two with the same interest? You can book up to 3 people for this class.



Private Group Class

1.5h long (min of 6 ppl)

Learn Silks or Hoop with your friends and make it even more fun! It can be a birthday, a Hens party or for no reason but to hang (upside down) together.


Example session:

30min - warm up

Focusing on exercises that will prepare your body for the exciting skills ahead.

60min – Aerial skill

Focusing on an aerial apparatus (either aerial silks or aerial hoop) you and your friends will have fun learning something new.

Image by Jude Beck

Family Fun

1h long (min of 3 ppl)

Would you like to learn some circus skills with your kids?

We can have a class and make it fun for all ages. A mix of Silks and Hoop or your apparatus of choice. A family fun day for all of you!


Team Building

1.5h to 2h long (min of  6 ppl)

Learn acrobatic balancing, hand eye coordination skills and 1 Aerial skill* or juggling.

  *aerial silks, aerial hoop or aerial hammock  


Example session:

40 mins - Team building warm up
Enjoy our carefully crafted exercises which get the team warmed up, both physically and mentally.

45 mins – Aerial skill or Juggling

Focusing on an aerial apparatus (either aerial silks, aerial hoop or aerial hammock), you and your team will encourage each other to learn a new skill, developing confidence and bonding together.

5/10 mins – Break

Time to enjoy some refreshments

30 mins – Acrobatic balancing

Working in teams or with a partner, we work on developing your balance skills and trust in each other.

These circus disciplines are suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.


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