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The React Mentorship Program is a step up for those with

professional aspirations.  

This personalized program focuses on your individual goals, and aims. Cel and Ben will lead you through this program along with guest instructors to give you the tools needed to achieve your dreams.


What we cover:

  • Daily work on your primary discipline (technique, vocabulary and creation skills)

  • Start (or continue) to develop a secondary discipline

  • Flexibility and handstand development

  • Health & Safety practice and basic rigging knowledge

  • Individual programs based on your goals

  • Weekly work towards your goals

  • Lectures

  • Learning responsibility and taking action 

  • 200+ hours of training 

What you also get:

  • Check-in and support after you finish the program

  • Support of professionals to make your transition into the industry smooth 

  • Unlimited Open Training during the Mentorship

  • Reduced rate on studio classes while in the Mentorship

  • Access to a strength program for cross training

  • Access to the next door gym

Our 2022 Mentorship will happen on the first half of the year.

Applications open in August!

We run our Mentorship program once a year over the course of 20 weeks


Get in touch now so we can answer all your questions :)


React Team


"Rise was fantastic! I feel like the program achieved what you set out to do! It allowed me to experience the circus world on a wider scale, prepared me for future opportunities and jobs, and has given me a lot of confidence in my chosen apparatus and self."  

"Rise Mentorship was an exceptional experience. Cel has crafted and created a programme that well exceeded expectations to help transition a pipe dream to a pathway towards reality. " 

"I absolutely loved it! This course is of an elite international standard. Without a doubt, I truly believe this course has shaped me into the performer I am today."

"The Rise Mentorship has enabled me to grow more in 6 months than I have been able to in the past 5 years. I cannot give enough weight to how much the programme has given to me both creatively as an entry level circus artist, but also as a human being and the lessons and skills I learn in mentorship, I truly now apply to everyday life."

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