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Aerial Workshops with Caitlyn Larsson

Yay!! Caitlyn is back in September!! She will be hosting Hoop, Silks, Dance/ Static Trapeze and Double Trapeze workshops. Location: React Studio $75 per workshop Limited Spots Innovative Ways to Bruise Yourself - a feisty lyra workshop (this workshop will be done in 2 parts) Sat 22/09 1:30pm #1 Sun 23/09 1:30pm #2 Discover new ways to navigate this circle of metal pain that will impress an audience and generally leave some impressive marks on your skin! This workshop will break down dynamic beats, continuous rolls, and traditional drops while showing you how to sequence them and take it one step farther. Layers of tight fitted clothing are recommended. The best bruise photos win a spot in the bruise gallery on my website. Pre-requisites: Ability to invert solo, do a pullover and a front balance on the lyra. --------------------- Falling with Pizazz - inventive silks drops and transitions Sat 22/09 11:30am Take your silks practice one step further with some unconventional transitions and clever drops. Learn how to do a handstand on the fabric and end up in a split silk windmill. Discover how a basic foot lock can lead to a very intricate belay entry. Try some drops and triple downs that don’t have the word star in them. Tight fitted clothing with the option for sleeves is recommended. Pre-requisites: Ability to climb, invert in the air multiple times in a class, and basic knowledge of beginner drops (double star, windmill, etc). --------------------- Understanding the Knots - Silks belays and more Sun 23/09 9:30am At some point in your silks journey, the time comes to break down all those crazy knots and belays, and understand what is keeping you from plummeting to the floor. In this workshop, we delve into the basics of these knots and holds while learning some higher level tricks. See a back flip into a single knee hang - learned broken down into slow, attainable steps - and discover how handstands can end in windmills. This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students. Requirements: Ability to invert in the air (multiple times in one class) and efficiently complete wraps for at least 2 drops (ex: double star drop). --------------------- Trapeze - Rope Exploration Sat 22/09 3:30pm Discover the fluidity of trapeze as you ascend into the seldom used distal ends of the trapeze ropes. Find never ending wraps and versatile ways to spin, trickle and drop back down to the bar. Use your legs, use your ankles, use your toes as you create stunning poses of levitation and supposed flexibility. Layers and thick socks or leg warmers are recommended for some tricks. Pre-requisites: Ability to invert in ropes and hold weight upside down. Basic silks/rope wraps are helpful, but not required. --------------------- Duo Trapeze - Basing and Flying Sun 23/09 11:30am Doubles trapeze can seem quite intimidating to the novice eye, but many combinations can be achieved by people who have only basic aerial skills. In this workshop, learn the safety and fundamentals of basing and flying while discovering body awareness in the air. Begin to feel comfortable trusting others with your weight and gain confidence in your strength and overall ability. For more advanced students, learn to embrace the joys of twisting and learn how to safely complete release tricks. Discover how fluid a routine can be as transitions turn into drops and the base becomes the flyer. Warning: first timers tend to leave these workshops feeling empowered and completely enamored with doubles trapeze. No partner required. Requirements: Ability to climb a rope or silk and invert solo on either static trap, silks, lyra or rope.

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